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ECG TV sets have been certified for future DVB-T2 broadcasts

ECG January 9, 2018

The readiness of ECG TV sets for future DVB-T2 broadcasts has been confirmed by independent tests of the České Radiokomunikace (CRA), which awarded the certificate to TV models equipped with the DVB-T2 tuner supported by HEVC.265. DVB-T2 is a new generation of digital broadcasting, a more modern successor to today’s DVB-T digital terrestrial television. It allows multiple TV programs, even in high definition (HDTV), to reach a nationwide coverage with …

ECG Roadshow in stores throughout Germany

ECG October 25, 2017

ECG promo teams started the month of September by taking part in the domestic Hausmesse expo, specifically at K+B Expert electronics store in the towns of Cham and Bad Kötzing. These stores rank among the largest and most significant electronics and home appliance stores in the region. Hausmesses is very popular with customers with a traditionally high footfall. From Friday until Sunday, the stores, situated in large shopping centres, were …

ECG exhibition at the K+B Contract-oriented Expo

ECG September 20, 2017

The 26th Contract-oriented Electronics and Home Appliance Expo was held on September 15 – 16, 2017 at the K+B Progres headquarters in Klíčany u Prahy.    The event, especially designated for business partners and their staff, has had a long-time stable place in the calendar of significant commercial and presentation events focused on electronics, home appliances and accessories. ECG also participated alongside global brands of electrical appliance manufacturers. The exhibition of …

ECG Roadshow in the historic centre of Český Krumlov

ECG August 8, 2017

On Saturday 22 July 2017, ECG took its roadshow to Český Krumlov where it organized a pleasant and relaxing summery day not only for invited business partners, but also for all visitors of this popular spots, which take the city by storm, especially during the summer break. The untraditional, yet intriguing combination of modern electronics and a historical atmosphere and beauty of a small town was received enormously well by …

ECG unveils its new showroom!

ECG July 25, 2017

ECG is a dynamically growing brand. This can be demonstrated by its modern showroom, the grand opening of which was held in June at the K + B Progres headquarters in Klíčany. The event was attended by company owners, middle management and senior management. ECG continues to make progress in becoming a household name, not only to customers, but also to business partners. In doing so, it reinforces its position …

New design of package for ECG brand is “retail ready”

ECG March 7, 2017

Developing of our brand is focusing also on right products and packaging communication. Our international team developed new design of package for ECG brand and met all requirements and main goals: A strong brand identity is important for our communication. Consumers recognize ECG brand in the first moment. Also ECG product families have same style of packaging, so it is easy to include product into group like kitchen appliances, vacuum …

New company cars dressed in the ECG corporate colours

ECG February 7, 2017

Last December, the company fleet grew with the addition of new Škoda Rapid vehicles. The elegant and impressive decal graphics are aligned with the corporate identity of ECG. The brand’s new stage was launched at the beginning of last year. Among the changes that were sensed the most was the new ECG logo design and the fresh approach towards the visual communication of ECG. The design, which conforms to modern …

Here comes a brand new generation of microwave heating

ECG November 25, 2016

Inverter microwave with grill MTD 2531 GISB comes with a brand new generation of microwave heating. Compared to traditional microwave inverter oven heats food gently, food is then juicier and does not lose original taste. Wave fl ow occurs from the bottom, food is heated similarly as in a pot on a traditional stove. It eliminates the main drawback of microwaves, i.e. unevenly heated food. Food heated in an inverter oven is …

ECG way of living with a new modern Web site!

ECG September 1, 2016

Our brand of consumer electronics, with 20 year experience, got a Web site with a new and modern look. That’s how our brand, known for its wide range of products, design, innovation and courtesy, provided our clients with affordable products now only a click away. Be sure to check out all the Web site features and leave us a comment with new ideas!